Nasim al-Wasl

This classic compendium brings together near three hundred Arabic poems of Islamic spirituality. Penned by some of the greatest Sufi masters, like Abu Madyan and Ahmad al-‘Alawi, these qasidas or odes celebrate the enduring love of the Divine. Rich in symbol and metaphor, they distil the epiphanies of a lifetime’s wayfaring and offer spiritual intuitions to hearts polished by the remembrance of Allah.

Nasim Al-Wasl

Exquisitely designed and produced, the anthology is small enough to sit open in the palm of your hand, making it a timeless companion for those wanting to enrich their spiritual lives.

The book comes with a FREE 18-month subscription to its online audio library, home to over 25 hours of recordings and 800 individual tracks—ready now, for you to learn and enjoy the odes of the hadra.

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Production Details

Nasim al-Wasl
A Hadra Manual of the Shadhili Order
Edited by Muhammad Ridwaan & Mohsin Abbas

Bound in maroon full leather
Debossed in an original arabesque design by Ibrahim Batchelder (Uns Fine Crafts)
Arabic calligraphy by Iraqi master Muthanna al-Obaydi (Irada Arts)
English insert designed and typeset in Miller by Sohail Nakhooda
232 pages
Printed colour endpapers
Set in Lotus
Trim Size: 181 x 135 mm
ISBN: 978-0-9927005-1-5

Publication Date: 27 October 2015